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I'd love to see functionality added to SSMSBoost that would allow the grouping of tables, stored procs, functions, etc.

There are two add-ins (that I'm aware of) that have similar functionality now, but both have their limitations.
  1. SSMS Schema Folders - To my understanding, this add-in only works if you're able to modify the schema of objects. I maintain several sql instances that have an already defined schema and cannot be altered. I find that I rarely run into situations where anyone uses anything other than dbo.
  2. SQLTreeo Addin - This add-in was good at one time, especially with it's concept of dynamic foldes. But sadly this add-in has gone downhill over the last year. It appears to try and read/cache too much data when connecting to a new database, which usually causes a delay of 30-120 seconds before you can start using object explorer. It also fails when saving config to your local PC, and only supports saving the settings within the SQL database (which require elevated permissions not always available). It also transmits details about the SQL instance to their cloud (which some of our clients would not be happy about).

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