Willian RĂ©bulla
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I downloaded the latest (April 07) version of SSMSBoost and requested a fresh activation key because the add in stopped working with those messages: "You have 0 days remaining to test SSMSBoos in trial mode...." and "Your Community license for current release version has expired...".

The problem is that I already (re) installed the latest version (v.3.12.7767 ) and requested a new commulity license, but nothing change.

Maybe I must install the latest beta instead of latest release? Where can I find it? 😕

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Same here. I can't use it either and I've spent over an hour trying everything and looking for answers. The features are great, but this is pretty frustrating and it happens every few months.
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1. Uninstall SSMSBoost
2. Delete [C:\Users\<your_username>\AppData\Local\IsolatedStorage\vijjdxb3.ry2\wcdxnz2j.ntk\Publisher.gg1p5pwhipouhlgvwkbn0o1kkoz1cvqp]
3. Install SSMSBoost
4. Profit

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Trial period has expired.
You can continue using the product in µProfessional or in free Community mode. Visit www.ssmsboost.com  to generate the activation key.
Your Community license for current release version has expired. To continue using SSMSBoost visit www.ssmsboost.com  and download newer release of the product.

I try several times to generate new activation code.
I add/remove ssmsboost application several times.

I have always when i start SSMS application this popup message


You have 0 days reamining to test SSMSBoost in trial mode. Please visit www.ssmsboost.com  to choose the appropriate edition and get the activation key.

Can anyone help me please?
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