Willian RĂ©bulla
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I downloaded the latest (April 07) version of SSMSBoost and requested a fresh activation key because the add in stopped working with those messages: "You have 0 days remaining to test SSMSBoos in trial mode...." and "Your Community license for current release version has expired...".

The problem is that I already (re) installed the latest version (v.3.12.7767 ) and requested a new commulity license, but nothing change.

Maybe I must install the latest beta instead of latest release? Where can I find it? 😕

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Same here. I can't use it either and I've spent over an hour trying everything and looking for answers. The features are great, but this is pretty frustrating and it happens every few months.
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1. Uninstall SSMSBoost
2. Delete [C:\Users\<your_username>\AppData\Local\IsolatedStorage\vijjdxb3.ry2\wcdxnz2j.ntk\Publisher.gg1p5pwhipouhlgvwkbn0o1kkoz1cvqp]
3. Install SSMSBoost
4. Profit

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