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Thanks for the hard work. I'm finding this very helpful. Couple suggestions for the history window and recent tabs.

1) Show the preview of the query in a box below the query so you don't have to open.
2) GROUP the query by the "temp" or "actual" name. Ie, I'm working in SqlQuery2.sql...

Display SQLQuery2.sql > all versions of the file ran with the time run.

3) Include the connection it was run on, was the connection SQLQuery2.sql - {Server}{Database}
4) Allow recent tabs to execute restore of last saved set upon opening SSMS.
5) Add a "search box" kind of like a simple google search box on the SSMSBoost toolbar, so I can just start typing straight into it with no additional dialogue.
6) You may see if you can leverage a "local" google search engine so that your launch brings up a chrome window or something with results, might save programming more UI.

Thanks again, just a little feedback. I'm super happy with the work you guys have done! Thanks so much!
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