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First, thank you so much for this option! Incredible!
I'd like to give some feedback as an end user, to consider as you make improvements to it.

1. Single window for search and review, rather than having to enter many search terms, search and then sort through list.
2. Search and review pane much larger, ideally, the main focus shows the code and highlights match in the preview pane. Simple is better. Ideally I'd like to see it almost a single search query, allowing simple operators or google phrases such as

search for docs containing count(*) and customer_id

QUERY: count(*) customer_id

search for count(*) without customer_id
count(*) -customer_id


Example of Fileseek app below.
Example of Search Pane handling search terms and display sample results 

3. Since a particular "session" can have many versions, displaying these as "seperate files" seems really tedious, so I'd like to suggest that you consider it a "group" and show this group and the "versions" that match highlighted in it. See the example window that SSMSTools pack uses for searching in both tab history and execution history, just separate tabs, but same dialogue, easy to search different areas.  

4. Preview pane must be the focus! This is what we'll need to see to know if it truly is the right match. I'm sure you'll have better ideas to implement.

I know it's a lot, but thanks again for such an awesome feature and bringing it to us! Being able to easily search will help a lot. I almost wish a "local" google page could be used so you could just leverage that, but I'm not sure it would help with previews,etc. Best wishes!

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Thank you for your feedback, I have noted your proposals and I will come back to you as soon as we proceed with them.
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