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I have 323 files in the Script Execution History directory over the past 3 days alone. Looking inside the SQL there is nothing in the XML header that tells me which server I was on or what database I was in.

I'm not sure what's possible. At the time of saving the copy do you know either of these things? Or perhaps, at worst, the connection name / window name (I use registered servers so this would be okay).

I would particularly like those put into the filename where it is most useful for sorting, and whether it goes into the XML as well doesn't affect me. So it currently supports this format:


If it could include expressions like {ServerName} {DatabaseName} or {ConnectionName} or something to that affect that would make a world of difference to me. I believe that the paid-for SSMS Tools Pack did it this way.
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Thank you for suggestion. I have already added it into short list for coming releases.
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