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I have come to really like the ability to use Preferred Connections with SSMSBoost, however the following issue makes this feature less useful.

The "Application Name" set in the connection string for preferred connections is ".Net SqlClient Data Provider", which makes troubleshooting more difficult for other DBA's. This Application Name shows up in SQL Traces, as well as the following stored procedures: sp_who, sp_who2, and sp_WhoIsActive

Would it be possible to change the application name to something like SSMSBoost, or allow the value to be saved as part of the saved connection?

I have found a work around, which I'll describe below but it only works for the current session and has to be done for each connection individually. As soon as I exit and re-open SSMS, this part of my connection settings is lost.

I have found that I can set the Application Name for each connection by going into the Settings Editor for Preferred Connections, selecting a saved connection, clicking on the Connection.Connection setting, clicking on the "..." option, and entering the following into the "Additional Connection Parameters" section of the SQL Server dialog box.

Application Name=SampleSSMSBoostConnection;
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Fixed in version 2.12
Thank you for issue report !
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