Alexander Sharovarov
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Preferred Connection Color is a great feature. It helps to avoid mistakes when you are working with different environments and databases.
It is much easier to see Connection Color Bar if it would be on the top section (tab names) or on a side then to look at the bottom - status bar.

Can you please add an option for users to select where the color should be displayed?
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This functionality is already existing, though in a not so easy to find place!
In SSMSBoost Setting, select node "important db alerts"

Then, to the right, you'll find "Position within SQL Editor window", where you can select position.
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SSMSboost has been very useful to me, and greatly improved my productivity.
I work with hundreds of SQL server instances and SSMSboost saves a lot of time.
I use the preferred list a lot and would like to suggest some improvements to help improve the list:

1 It would help if preferred server list had a "group" field (column) to allow serves instances to be grouped by a list of arbitrary names.
2. The preferred list could be sortable by the six field values:
(1) group (the new field I am requesting)
(2a), (2b) (2c) by each of the three color fields: status bar, text and background
(3) by server name
(4) by database name

The order of the sort should be settable - so any of the six sort columns can be in any order of sort precedence.

Finally the "Connections" drop down should also display the server list in the sort order last selected;

Also Ideally the group and existing color values also visible in the connections drop down and a separator row based on the first sort column

I know this is a lot of feature request, but for me it would also be of great value :)
Thanks for considering the idea anyway!


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Hello Gary,
Thank you for your proposals. Here are a couple of questions to clear out:

1. What are you going to write in "group" field ? Just free text ? Provide please some samples what would you write there
2. Sorting is possible in Settings...
3. But common combobox control on the toolbar is very limited, all we can show there are text values. But, instead of using this drop-down, we could shown own "Pick connection" dialog, that will look like this drop down. In this case we could implement there any functionality: sorting, searching, etc...

what do you think ?
Alexander Sharovarov
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I just realized that I can achieve what I wanted with SSMS options. I can place the status bar on top, so it is easier to notice the color (even though it is awkward to have the status bar on the top). I complement it with a wide "Important Database Alert" at the bottom.
Ondřej Smola
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Hi. It would be nice to see connection color in combobox. Some connections take long time to establish and realising mistake later is waste of time
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