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I had enabled "Important DB alert" during SSMB evaluation period. It seemed to work properly. I have now activated SSMB using Community license. "Important DB alert" is still active and editable, however when i open a new query, the alert is not displayed. Is this normal behaviour or not? If yes, i'd suggest to disable the relevant fields in Settings so it gets less confusing for the user, or perhaps add a warning at that section of the Settings window since this is an important setting.

Also, it would be nice if the "Important DB alert" also appeared in the "edit x rows" window on a table (if possible).
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We will improve information shown about features availability. Thank you for pointing this out.
Proposal about Alert in Edit Table mode - added to list. Thank you !
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I stumbled over this DB Alert today and noticed, I set two alerts during the trial, but never saw it.
The Status Bar Color works.
What have I wrong?

Regards Jimmy
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