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Is there a way to prevent running an INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, TRUNCATE, DROP, etc. from running on selected Preferred Connections?

I have full access to a production server for troubleshooting and various other reasons, but I don't want to be able to accidentally run anything on that server without being asked if I really really really want to or even not at all.

I know you can have colors displaying in a box and in the status bar - and I have all that set up - but sometimes a rogue digit auto-pilots into that F5 key before conscious thought can intervene.

Thanks guys, and thanks for making a wonderful product!

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You can add additional "ask" or "prohibit" tokens in the lower section of the "Fatal Actions Guard.
on the "Preferred connections" you can switch the "Fatal Actions Guard" on or off per Connection.

Does this satisfy your needs?

Cheers Jimmy
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Good thought, but, and I just realized I didn't mention this requirement in my original post, I need a basic action guard level for my dev and test environments, but I want another level for productions systems so I can't accidentally do ANY changes without an alert catching me.

Maybe this is a feature request - have the option of creating different sets of fatal action guard settings that can be applied to different preferred connections. The two default sets would be what they have now and one that protects any changes - I'm sure I'm not the only person who would benefit from something like this.


JP Davey
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