Richard Gosling
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I have an issue where I cannot get certain SSMS Boost windows to display after they have been manually closed.

For example the Grid Aggregates window normally displays as soon as you highlight a number of numeric values in the Results Grid, but on one occasion I manually closed the Grid Aggregates window by clicking the X in the top right corner. Since then the Grid Aggregates window only automatically appears for the first query run after opening Management Studio, then after that it no longer appears it cannot be opened manually by going to the top menu and clicking SSMSBoost >> Results Grid >> Show Grid Aggregates.

The same has happened for the Find Column in Results Grid window, this can no longer be opened also after manually closing it.

Is there any way of restoring the normal functionality of these features?

I have tried removing and re-installing the SSMSBoost plugin (with a reboot in between), but this does not resolve the issue.

I am using a licensed professional version of the plugin if that makes any difference.

I believe it may be the same as this unanswered issue reported previously - 

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