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I have been using for years an addon for SSMS called SQLAssist by Round Polygons. One of the primary features it has is a sortable grid (i.e., click on a header and the results sort that way). I have found this extremely helpful as sometimes I am developing/debugging code which utilizes table variables, and I need to capture various sets of intermediate results against said table variables, which I then need to analyze for edge cases, etc. And I don't always know what I need to sort on until I start looking at data. So in short, I have found a sortable grid quite helpful (even necessary) for my work.

Unfortunately, the addin I use is no longer in development 😱 , and it works for SSMS 2005 only. I'd like to start using a more recent version of SSMS (2005 is getting long in tooth, obviously). Would it be possible to add such a capability to your addin? I've looked all over and can't seem to find anything which offers this functionality.

Thanks in advance.
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Hi, we have already several inqueries about such functionality and actually we have enough knowledge about SSMS to implementit. The limitation might be, that it will be shown as an additional popup, after you call appropriate command on results grid. Currently I can not give exact estimations, probably we will come to this feature somewhere in summer.
In meantime you can use "export to excel" feature and play with results in excel. (Right click the grid->Script as ->XML Spreadsheet)
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Thanks for the info! I'll be eagerly awaiting the update!

And thanks for reminding me of the "Export to Excel" trick. But it would be much nicer to have everything in one app.
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